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The NEXUS Mountain Mission is a 501(c)(3). All financial donations are tax-deductible.


The founders of the NEXUS Mountain Network are Chad and Wendy Hawley. Although they are the founders, NEXUS is a collaboration. They have been married for 24 years with four amazing children. Chad’s current primary mountain is Business, and the secondary mountain is Religion. Wendy’s current primary mountain is Business, and the secondary mountain is Family. Chad and Wendy attended Bible college together when they first got married. They were ordained by Lonnie Rex in 2017, mentored by Lance and Annabelle Wallnau, and served in church leadership for many years. Chad and Wendy met at Western Michigan University, and Chad went on to receive his Master in Business Administration at Wayne State University.


The idea for the NEXUS Mountain Network came from the Lord, to Chad, when he was fighting life threatening cancer in 2019. Chad asked the Lord why he was created in order to set his attention on the Lord’s promise rather than death. As a result, Chad took the idea the Lord gave him about the network and made a two-minute promotional video about his future and submitted it to a few people to agree with him on God’s future for his life. Through a series of miraculous events, Chad was completely cleared of cancer instead of chemotherapy, radiation, and possible death. In 2022, through a series of prophetic signs the Lord opened the door to move forward with the idea of the network. To see more of his story and the origination of the NEXUS Mountain Network, watch the podcast, “How NEXUS started.”

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