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Q:    Will NEXUS sell my data?
A:    No. We do not sell your data.
Q:    Do I have to be a Christian to join?
A:    No. However, this is unashamedly a Christian-based network. What we achieve together will hopefully benefit all people.
Q:    May I advertise on the APP?
A:    Yes. Please join the ‘Marketplace’ Group and post in that group. For a limited time, this is free. Please do not promote your business, ministry, or products outside of the Marketplace group.
Q:    How do I become a guest on the NEXUS Podcast?
A:    Please email us a one-minute video of you explaining why you want to be on the Podcast.
Q:    How do I donate financially?
A:    We are very appreciative of donations to help us achieve more together. You can donate by going to the 'Funds' folder on the homepage to donate to NEXUS Mountain Mission. NMM is a non profit 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS as such.
Q:    How do I become a NEXUS Influencer?
A:    Email us to begin the review process.
Q:    How can I best support NEXUS and the mission?
A:    Be an active participate in the APP, meetings, and trainings. Also, please consider becoming a monthly donor to help pay for the technology, events, trainings, and staff.
Q:    May I submit a blog to be published in the APP?
A.    Yes. You can submit your Blog for consideration via email.
Q:    May I organize an event in my home town?
A.    Yes. Although we are prioritizing the city of Charlotte, North Carolina we will be expanding to other cities. You can email us to start the conversation.
Q:    What are things I should be doing with the Network?
A.    Here is a list of things that may help you.
  • Use the search feature to find people you want to connect to.

  • Attend in-person and online events.

  • Join a few groups.

  • Learn as much as you can through others (Podcasts, Blogs, Trainings, Events, etc.)

  • Attend NEXUS YOU.

  • Communicate (posting, videos, messaging, commenting, adding new connections) through the APP.

  • Participate in the contests.

  • Apply for the grants or encourage someone to do it.

  • Start a Group.

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