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Please consider a donation or becoming a monthly partner with the Nexus Mountain Mission 501(c)(3).

We are awarding our first 

grant. See details below.

What is the NEXUS Mountain Mission(NMM)?

NEXUS Mountain Mission is a 501(c)(3). The purpose of the NMM is to serve Christians by helping them achieve their God given purposes with an emphasis on the seven mountains of influence. All financial donations to NMM are tax deductible.

Chad and Wendy Hawley were ordained by Lonnie Rex who was one of this generations greatest humanitarians. In 2018, at the age 90, Lonnie felt prompted of the Lord to travel from Houston to ordain Chad and Wendy in Charlotte. Lonnie influenced the world through direct relationships with mountaintop influencers, some examples include the Pope, Mother Theresa, Vladimir Putin, Muhammed Ali, Oral Roberts, North Korea, TL Osborn, US Presidents, and many more. Before Lonnie went to heaven on Father's Day in 2021, Chad had a dream that Lonnie gave him a gift. The gift was a special tool that served as both a fishing rod and a gun. Chad and Wendy later realized it represented the gift of the 501c3 which serves as a tool to minister (fishers of men/women) and a tool to protect the ministry mission.

One of the practical ways NMM serves people is through grants helping people achieve their purpose. A team of grant advisors is in place to review grant applications and decide which recipients should be awarded. You can apply for these grants below.

How it works:

  • Review the seven grants below and find the one that best aligns to your need.

  • Start thinking about what you are going to put in your application. Key components to the application can include; Short description (<200 words, Pictures, Video (<2 minutes), website, etc.). Be creative!

  • You must have a NEXUS profile and you can only apply for one grant. Also, you must be willing to share your testimony

  • Applications will be reviewed by the Grant Advisor team.

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