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Conquering What Scares You

What scares you?

This week, like a movie playing, I watched my worst fear play out before my very eyes. My head went faint. This can’t be happening. I couldn’t think. Am I going to be okay… I wasn’t present, even though there was work to be done. Huh, what did you say?!

Fear is a plague. Not only that, it’s entirely mind-consuming and life-debilitating. Rather moving mountains with faith, it paralyzes creative thought, instinct and bold moves.

Are you struggling with fear today? Are you facing a mountain that looks unconquerable? An issue that appears unfixable? A dilemma beyond your control? A person you can’t reach? An oncoming threat? A lawsuit pending against you? It is easy to tell yourself, “Do not fear.” It is quite another thing to actually live fearless.

In my situation, I had to reinterpret what I was seeing. I thought to myself something like this, “If everything horrible plays out in the worst imaginable way, will I still be okay?” I decided I would be fine. Why? Because God would take care of me. God would resurrect me. God would protect me. God would restore me.

When we remember who our mighty God is -- problems get measly.

Ask Holy Spirit today, how you might need to see your big fear, from a different light? And, by the way, my fear was unfounded. Fear does that. 91% of what we fear, doesn’t even come true.

Kelly Balarie

Nexus Mountain Network @kellybalarie


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