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Chad Hawley's miraculous story of overcoming cancer led him to find God's purpose for his life, leaving a 20-year successful career in the pharmaceutical industry and launching a Christian-based social network called the NEXUS Mountain Network. Purpose Will Save Your Life is an intentional journey of discovering why you exist. This book is filled with inspirational stories that will ignite faith and practical applications with QR Codes to empower you to act now. Purpose Will Save Your Life is written to help you discover His purpose for you and receive clarity on what specific steps to take NOW to unlock your destiny.


Chad Hawley is the Founder of the worldwide NEXUS Mountain Network. He has a Master of Business Degree from Wayne State University and was ordained by Lonnie Rex. Chad's 25-year professional career was primarily focused in the pharmaceutical industry and entrepreneurship, with prominent roles in sales, marketing, training, and management. Chad applies his experience as a national professional development leader for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to Purpose Will Save Your Life.

Purpose Will Save Your Life

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