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The seven areas of societal influence are otherwise known as the seven mountains. Many Christians have the urge to do more for the kingdom of God but need help with direction. The seven mountains are, in no particular order of importance;

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It's not uncommon to change mountains based upon your current assignment God may have for your life.


The results of the Seven Mountain's assessment will serve as a guide for your current mountain assignment or one in the near future that is best for you. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. Not everyone is called to the top of the mountain but many have passions to contribute and climb their mountain within a particular sphere of influence as a team.


The Seven Mountains Assessment is intended to be a directional tool to guide you in fulfilling your next mountain assignment.


The religion mountain Christian, prioritizes the work of the ministry. They value evangelism, biblical study, serving, prayer, helping the poor, healing the sick, prophecy, faith, forgiveness, and regular Christian gatherings.

  • Biblical examples: Elijah, Daniel, John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, 12 Disciples, Paul, Samaritan woman

  • Modern-day examples: Joyce Meyer, Billy Graham, Catherine Booth

  • Professional examples: Ministry, Theologians, Healthcare, Intercessors, Motivational Speakers, Non-profit organizations


The business mountain Christian, prioritizes business initiatives. They value creation, money, partnerships, ideation, capitalism, invention, networking, profitability, generosity, work ethic, and persuasion.

  • Biblical examples: Joseph, Solomon, Lydia, Paul, Abraham

  • Modern-day examples: David Green (Hobby Lobby), Truett Cathy (Chik-fil-A), Cher Wang (HTC-Smartphones)

  • Professional examples: CEO, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Finance, Ideators


The arts and entertainment mountain Christian, prioritizes creative expression. They value ideation, creativity, craft, music, acting, design, performance, athletics, and outside the box thinking.

  • Biblical examples: David, Temple Musicians, Esther, Salome, Solomon

  • Modern-day examples: Tyler Perry, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Daigle, Tim Tebow, Michelangelo, Chip and Joanna Gaines

  • Professional examples: Musician, Designer, Actor, Painter, Decorator, Television, and Professional Athlete


The family mountain Christian, prioritizes not only their own family but other families too. They value quality time, unselfishness, teamwork, relationships, serving, marriage, children, parenting, education, helping the poor and multi-generational initiatives.

  • Biblical examples: Mary, Sarah, Jochebad (Moses' mother), Hannah, Jacob, Abraham

  • Modern-day examples: Mother Theresa, James Dobson, Susanna Wesley, Mary Washington, Sojourner Truth, Benjamin Watson

  • Professional examples: Home-school parent, Non-profit manager, School Board member, Service industry, Counseling, Ministry


The government mountain Christian, prioritizes moral law. They value patriotism, discernment, safety, justice, leadership, activism, social revolutionists, and multi-generational initiatives.

  • Biblical examples: Deborah, Moses, Daniel, Matthew, Roman Centurion, Joseph

  • Modern-day examples: Harriet Tubman, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ronald Reagan

  • Profession examples: Political office, Police Officer, Compliance Officer, Law maker, Social Influencer, Activism, Military


The Education mountain Christian, prioritizes righteous learning. They value teaching, education, institutions, history, generational initiatives, right and wrong.

  • Biblical examples: Samuel, Barnabas, Simeon, Paul, Timothy

  • Modern-day examples: John Wesley, Betsy DeVos, Maria Montessori, Booker T. Washington.

  • Professional examples: Teacher, Writer, Secretary of Education, School Board Member, Student, Coach, Mentor, Trainer


The media mountain Christian, prioritizes information integrity. They value persuasion, communication, presentation, influence, truth, mass distribution, and journalism. They have a message to share.

  • Biblical examples: Esther, Paul, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb

  • Modern-day examples: Paul Revere, Rush Limbaugh, Kayleigh McEnany, Candace Owens

  • Professional examples: Social Media Influencer, News, Journalism, Writer, Public Speaker, Press Secretary

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